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Thursday, November 29, 2018

Regular Box Braids Hairstyles

15 Awesome Regular Box Braids Hairstyles You Must Adore

Today we’re going to know about regular box braids hairstyles that have been around forever. In the 90s, there were notorious for the multiple stranded box braids and were all about the ethnic and the sexy style. When they had long hair pulled into multiple strands of braids seemed hip and cool, it was rocked by top girl band singers and the ladies of pop. However, sometimes quite literally in current time, those who opt for the natural and need a way to keep their hair out of their eyes head towards the box braid hairstyle. So, those who need versatility, Box braids are the quintessential hairstyle for them. Apart from these, box braids are so appealing for the reason that they are low maintenance and can be worn in countless styles with or without hair extensions.

Top Awesome Regular Box Braids Hairstyles

When properly taken care of, which makes them ideal for any time of year, not to mention, these regular box braids hairstyles can last for months. It only makes sense that we can enjoy the look hassle-free today as well with so many factors for the style. Do scroll through the photos below for hairstyle inspiration whether you’re currently rocking box braids or considering booking a salon appointment to get this popular. So, here are a few awesome box braids hairstyles to choose from when heading into the specialist because you have decided on getting your hair done into regular box braids hairstyles.

1. Long & Thin Box Braids with a Side Part

Long & Thin Box Braids with a Side Part

When going for the regular box braids hairstyles, adding in extensions is a common thing, it means that you have all the sexiness of a ‘90s pop star! Although it’s really heavy, braids that fall to the waist are pretty awesome unto themselves and keeping them thin. Its sleek ads to the beauty of each strand as the side part giving it a fuller look overall. In order to get the most attractive exotic look, wear with thick eyebrows and overdrawn lips.

2. Long & Medium Box Braids

Long & Medium Box Braids

We know that long regular box braids are the norm since many of the looks on this list fall into that category. We see those that are a bit on the thicker side, the braids themselves appearing more relaxed while some are super thin though. This is a great go-to look and it looks wonderful with the makeup focused mainly on the slanted eyes for women of color.

3. Long Silver Gray Box Braids

Long Silver Gray Box Braids

As the multiple strands make for a very lovely ‘do, these gorgeous regular box braids are dyed in the granny-chic silver-gray hue. Although the plaits work best on medium length or long hair that falls below the shoulders, it also looks perfect when styled into such a casual ‘do. When we absolutely love the natural look on this picture, the makeup with it should outline the lips the best, contour the cheekbones and add on the lashes though.

4. Long Jumbo Box Braids with Top Bun

Long Jumbo Box Braids with Top Bun

Among women of color, jumbo regular box braids are a common look. It’s especially for them those who pick this half up and half down look. While pulling part of the plaits up into a circular ring from the crown, leave the rest from above the ears down around the shoulders. Tapering off towards the ends, the roots are nice and thick. With some layers in there, this looks best to really work those tapers.

5. Red Tinged Long Box Braids

Red Tinged Long Box Braids

If you do half pull into a half updo and the rest left down to cascade over one shoulder then this will be a look that is full of braids and just a tinge of color. Moreover, this is the beautiful mass of braids that is created when you add a few dark brick red low lights creates just the right amount of contrast to draw the eyes over without appearing fake while black hair is the most common among women of African roots. When you add cat eyes, you’re good to go.

6. Box Braids Twisted In a Crown Halo

Box Braids Twisted In a Crown Halo

Things are not like this that all box braids are actually worn loose. But, giving the model a lived-in look while still showing off the splendor of those vibrant blue tresses, some can be twisted and braided again and that is where this crown halo comes in. you can complete with black and blue hair colors as nothing says exotic updo quite like one with the casually twisted strands pulled into a loose half-up hairstyle.

7. Black & White Box Braids

Black & White Box Braids

When you’re going to do regular box braids of black & white one, it’ll look like the hair has been dipped into a can of white paint really. Despite starting at the roots in mostly black, the box braids coming in a gorgeous black and white that tapers out to nearly only white at the ends. This is the way that the ombre effect of the stark contrasts only serves to make this long box braid look even more awesome than it already is.

8. Double Top Buns & Box Braids

Double Top Buns & Box Braids

If you adore the totally retro pigtail buns with the box braids then you can totally rock them now. While looking sharp and cute, it’s utterly exotic Sailor Moon-esque. For this look, just add in the half down effect to give those box braids somewhere to be. In order to better balance out the weight of the hair, it’s always best to keep half the hair down.

9. Thin Box Braids in a Casual Updo

Thin Box Braids in a Casual Updo

Comparing with many others, the ring over the head is a pretty casual bun. You’ll get the shine to the thin box braids only when you add to the beauty of the half up and half down design of the style. even after part of the locks have been twisted into a loose bun over the crown of the head, the hair is extremely long, falling below the waist.

10. Versatile Box Braids

Versatile Box Braids

The ease with which you can maneuver to the look to suit your mood or needs is one of the best things about box braids. It incorporates thinner plaiting with the longer locks that that versatility increases. You can either use the hair to create high ponytails or pull it up into a crown-like a top bun that literally covers the whole of the top of the head. It depends on you so you must decide which your look is.

11. Rainbow Box Braids In a Ponytail

Rainbow Box Braids In a Ponytail

It definitely meant for those who want to stand out in the crowd as these are the brightest and most colorful regular box braids we have seen so far. If you add in a whole lot of pink, yellow, green, blue and other rainbow hues then you have exquisite box braids to work. It’s which so easily win our hearts. While the other colors themselves speak of a stronger, more confident personality, the red adds the fighting spirit. Moreover, it’ll make you sexy that we all know it. It means that you should definitely go for some glaring bright colors to your hair this coming summer.

12. Blonde Haystack Twisted Updo

Blonde Haystack Twisted Updo

If you want to Blonde highlights to the black hair then it’s a pretty fun look actually. Also, you can use it beautifully to show off the pretty box braids when it takes over the twisted updo look you hastily created. While the color combinations make it appear like hay has been braided in with the real hair, it allows the hair to stay together really. So, we can say that it’s pretty awesome as it is.

13. Double Trouble Retro Look

Double Trouble Retro Look

It seems like; it belongs in an anime series by the Japanese when double buns to the side of the head make this box braid hairstyle. But, it’s except that it has been around since the ‘90s and long before that in certain tribes around the world. So, while shifting the weight about and allowing half to cascade down in a truly retro style, the twisted buns allow for better balance on the head.

14. Volume with Purple Tinge

Volume with Purple Tinge

Although regular box braids add in quite a bit of volume really, sleeking things out, it’s still keeping up with the latest hairstyle trends. It can only make things look better by adding a bit more bump to the crown. Also, adding in some color only brightens up the look when those box braids are a combination of medium and thin strands. It’s just our cup of tea while having purple hair with purple/coral makeup.

15. Pink & Trendy Tree Braids

Pink & Trendy Tree Braids

These are really tiny when putting together as micro braids are also known as tree braids. As this style includes thicker box braids turning into micro braids, it the strands falling in a glaring pink color that is very pretty to behold with most of the hair braided nearer to the root. If the caption to the image has anything to say about it then it must be the Congo trend. Particularly since the pink is faux extensions added in, it’s certainly a style we can see ourselves enjoying when it pulled up into a half up and half down high ponytail.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Best Box Braids with Ponytail Hairstyles

12 Best Box Braids with Ponytail Hairstyles for 2018

Best Box Braids with Ponytail Hairstyles
Box braids with ponytail hairstyles are trendy and ready to take your mane game up a few notches. While ponytails are a versatile hairstyle, you can wear a braided ponytail for any occasion along with any outfit and it will always look stylish. Apart from these, you can create so many different versions of the braided ponytail. Moreover, it’s easily possible to use different braid patterns, different braid thicknesses, and accessorize. If have you ever considered rocking a box braids ponytail before then you’ll know that there’s been a renewed love for ponytails in all shapes and sizes. However, before the trend made its way into the box braids world, it was only a matter of time.

That’s why we’re here with 12 of the best-braided ponytail hairstyles to give you some hair inspiration. If you take a look then you’ll soon be booking an appointment at the hair salon.

1. Braided Ponytail with Cords

Braided Ponytail with Cords

This is the first one and its stylish braid with ponytail using cords. As you can create different patterns and use different colors, cords can really jazz up your hair. Although this ponytail uses a gold cord which creates a glam vibe, you can choose any color, maybe mix and match a few.

2. Blonde Braided Ponytail

Blonde Braided Ponytail

Blonde braids are the next one here from box braids with a ponytail. When you’ll add blonde to your braids it will give them a summery lift. As a result, if you want a new, updated look then these are perfect for you. Also, you can wear these braids for all seasons, for example, spring and summer for a sunkissed vibe. And if you want to brighten up your look in fall and winter then you can use it as well. Another best thing of blonde is that it’ll work with any braids especially a trendy ponytail like this one.

3. Gold Braid Cuffs of Box Braids with Ponytail

Gold Braid Cuffs of Box Braids with Ponytail

Braid cuffs is another way to accessorize your hair of box braids with a ponytail. This hairstyle not only gives your hair a glam but it also gives goddess look. For you easy realization, here we have a beautiful example. And there you’ll find that the hair has been styled into chunky braids and has been finished off with gold braid cuffs. This is a hairstyle that’ll get you noticed in the crowd.

4. Fulani Braids into a Long/ High Ponytail

Fulani Braids into a Long/ High Ponytail

This is also a trendy braided ponytail because if features long Fulani braids, which have been styled into a high ponytail with two loose braids at the side. As it suits everyone, this is a gorgeous way to wear your ponytail. It lets you style with beads and cuffs like featured or leave the braids simple where either way, you’ll have a stylish look.

5. Long, Braided Ponytail with Undercut

Long, Braided Ponytail with Undercut

If you’re looking for a statement-making ponytail then this could be just what you are looking for. With long chunky braids, this ponytail has been styled high. In this hairstyle, about halfway down the head, the hair has been shaved into a trendy web design. As it’s a fabulous idea, you can either recreate something similar or choose your own pattern.

6. Burgundy Braided Ponytail

Burgundy Braided Ponytail

If you choose a vibrant color for your hair then you can give your braided ponytail the wow factor. In order to feature a burgundy tone, here we have a braided ponytail idea. Aside from these, there is a color like this is so stylish that will look amazing for any season and occasion. Also, you have options to create a style like this with thin and thick braids or just choose one thickness.

7. Long Braids

Long Braids

Although box braids with a ponytail look beautiful with any length of hair, try a very long ponytail like featured if you want to create a statement. When you’ll do it, the braids sit at about thigh length and are styled high on the head. Because it demands attention, its fit for a queen, you’ll love this hairstyle. Moreover, you can do it not only with any braids but you also can accessorize.

8. Trendy High Ponytail

Trendy High Ponytail

It’s featuring a mix of thick and super thin braids in the next hairstyle. When it makes the overall braided design look more intricate, thin braids like these look stunning. While creating a funky design, two of the braids are left loose and also start the opposite way to the other braids. The best thing about this type of hairstyle is that it will suit anyone.

9. Jumbo Braid Ponytail

Jumbo Braid Ponytail

It’s the jumbo braid ponytail in the next and this is a gorgeous ponytail idea. When styled into a ponytail, jumbo braids are trendy and look stunning. With just large braids or have a mix like this hairstyle, you can have a ponytail. Apart from these, it allows creating any pattern and adds beads or braid cuffs for an accessorized look.

10. High Ponytail with Tribal Braids

High Ponytail with Tribal Braids

If you want to make your look trendy then high ponytails can do it instantly and we have a beautiful example here. By the braids falling to one side, the hair has been styled into a high ponytail. You get a relaxed but stylish vibe when the hair is on the side like this. In addition to these, you can also add beads like featured. So, if you recreate a similar look then try to keep it when you love the accessorized center braid.

11. Elegant Braided Ponytail

Elegant Braided Ponytail

While using braids in different thicknesses, you can create so many amazing designs. Here it’s featuring chunky braids with thin ones in-between using box braids ponytail hairstyle. As this is a beautiful hairstyle that would look stunning on anyone, the combination creates a unique and stylish pattern.

12. Weave – Box Braid with Ponytail

Weave – Box Braid with Ponytail

Although this idea is a very high ponytail that features a trendy, it’s the subtle pattern and braid cuffs. Because it’s stylish but is not too over the top, you’ll love the small pattern that has been designed at the back. Those who want a pattern without being too bold, this is perfect for them. Also, you have options either you can recreate a similar style or choose the ponytail without the pattern or braid cuffs.

Now, over to you readers, it entirely depends on you which one you’ll choose for yours. While using any of the box braids with ponytail hairstyles, let us know your experience and it’s better if you comment with your photo. Also, share your suggestions, feedback, and if you have anything to share with our readers. Happy Box Braiding with a ponytail!

IDE and Code Editor - Geany

Geany: A Lightweight IDE and Code Editor for Programmers

IDE and Code Editor - Geany

While using GTK to build Geany, it comes with a fast and small editor along with the basic features of IDE (Integrated Development Environment). As it’s with other rich and full of IDEs, such as Codeblocks, Eclipse, etc, it still offers you a programming feel. And if you’re passionate about the lightweight IDE and Code Editor in Linux then this is really beneficial for you. This is because many Linux programmers are using this old Notepad so that they can start that for coding. So, Geany is one of them those are available good IDEs across the world for Linux users.

Basic Features of Geany

Geany is the sort of IDE that supports the most types of programming languages. Apart from these, it provides the major common features, which is expected to a Linux IDE. Among many others, these include line numbering and syntax highlighting is the main. Let’s know some other features of Geany in the following point forms:

  • Small & Fast: As there is a decent, GUI, and lightweight along with cross-platform as well as flexible, these are the primary reasons for the high acceptance of Geany.

  • Build with an Easy System: You need either just a key press or one mouse click to run the edited source code that you make with it. It means that this IDE comes with a much easier build with an easy system.

  • RTFM: Despite having an extensive User Manual, it has a full Plugin API Documentation and crowd-sourced Wiki.

  • Portable: As it’s portable, it’s well-known to run not only under Linux but under FreeBSD, MacOS X, and Windows etc. In addition to these, the platforms those support the GTK libraries, you can use it there.

  • Easily Customizable: Including color themes, there are huge parts of the IDE that are highly customizable. Besides, it also offers some other settings so that you can fill your needs.

  • Configurability: Regardless of being lightweight, Geany provides a lot of different options, which is the same as Xournal. These options are able to make things easy to stay out while it lets you complete your work on your own way.


While we’re going to wrapping up, we can’t go without saying that Geany is simply great Linux Code Editor. Especially, if you’re not satisfied with Eclipse then it’ll make you a great appeal of taste. Even you can still try it while having Eclipse almost Okay to you.

It’s time to over to you readers, let us know your opinion and user experience of Geany. Hence, please share your view with comments so that our audiences can know them.

Best Remote Control Skateboard

Top 5 Best Remote Control Skateboard Review of 2018

Best Remote Control Skateboard

Today we’re going to review remote control skateboard, which is another dramatic change in technology in the field of skateboards and longboards. It’s technology, which is made, implements and then pushed towards excellence. This is the way that the big electric motors with a terrible sound you remember have become pretty small. Not only small but it gets enough small to fit inside your skateboard, powered with a battery and turning it into an electric skateboard. Depending on the direction the rider wants the board to go while learning either forwards or backward. In this case, if you shift your weight towards one end more then the faster the board will go.

What is the Top 5 Best Remote Control Skateboard Review of 2018?

As we have piled up spending times of research, we believe they’ll give you the best experience of this game. Although it takes some learning to get comfortable with this system, at least you don’t have a remote control to think about. Well, let’s know about top 5 best remote control skateboard review of 2018.

1. Acton Blink S2

Acton Blink S2

Probably, the best electric skateboard of the year is the Acton Blink S2. As it comes with a powerful battery pack, it gives you a prolonged backup, and the board uses a handheld remote that gives you all the control at your fingertips. You couldn’t get any better than this when it comes to design. For its polygon-shaped with a futuristic look and a black grip tape across the top of the board, right in the center, which improves your stability, it looks attractive at the very first glance. Also, it instantly impresses its users using a Samsung Lithium-ion battery that fully recharges in less than 45-minutes because the machinery of a board defines its quality regarding speed and mileage.

  • With a speed of up to 15 mph, its mileage of up to 14 miles on a single charge
  • for a comfortable night ride, it comes with built-in safety lights
  • Coming with a limited warranty of six months
  • Bluetooth remote control
  • Despite being the hardware is safely capsulated, it isn’t water resistant yet

2. Boosted Dual+

Boosted Dual+

This is the Boosted Dual+, which is one of the fastest electric skateboards available on the market. Moreover, it’s an excellent quality and long lifespan skateboard that comes with remote control. Its main focus is a top speed which is unbeatable, but the board offers you maximum features. In addition, it’s mediocre as the mileage of the board is slightly less, which is 7 miles in the ECO mode and 6 miles in expert mode. Since its mighty 2000W motor, it can easily climb steep hills and give you a smooth ride on the toughest terrains. Now, let’s know some pros and cons of this remote control skateboard:

  • with a powerful 2000w motor, it’s a brilliant skateboard
  • It’s for perfect maneuverability with an ideal length, width, and weight
  • Regenerative braking and 25% grade hill climb with 22 mph top speed,
  • Coming with warranty coverage
  • Bluetooth remote control
  • Average mileage

3. Inboard M1

Inboard M1

When compared to other skateboards on the market, the M1 may have many similarities regarding design. Moreover, it still stands out regarding performance, quality, speed, and mileage. While reaching up to 19mph in less time and maximum stability, it’s the King of speed because its secret is in the wheels. It comes with two hub motors that are built into the rear wheels, unlike most of the boards, using belt-drive or a gear system. It makes the board more responsive to the remote control gestures since the configuration has been smartly mapped. Thanks to the battery system that they can be easily swapped where other models usually have a fixed rechargeable battery.

  • Coming with 12 months of warranty for any manufacturing defects
  • Ranging of up to 7 miles and can speed as much as 22 mph
  • Providing 100% safe and controlled riding
  • Offering four modes with Pro remote control
  • Somewhat expensive
  • A reduced amount of mileage

4. Acton Blink S

Acton Blink S

It’s Acton Blink S that’s talked widely. Although it isn’t too long, it has a very attractive design which will catch your attention instantly. The thing that comes at first that you’ll love it’s the top of the box, which is nice and the company is also thinking about your safety. Also, there was a lot of hype created when it first arrived in the market. This is because thousands of people loved it for its great features and outstanding performance on the streets. As it comes with a backpack for storing, you can board on the subways or bus. It’s made out of the finest quality material and offers you an incredible stability is its 83mm super huge wheels. Now, let’s know some pros and cons of this remote control skateboard:

  • Riding up to 7 miles on a single charge
  • For better visibility and safety at night, built-in safety lights
  • Limited warranty of six months
  • Remote control operates by Bluetooth
  • Easily Portable
  • The absence of the gradual braking system

5. Atom B.36 Longboard

Atom B.36 Longboard

The 3600W powerful motor that gives you maximum speed on the go is the most impressive feature in Atom B.36. It gives you a mileage of up to 20Km which is far better than many other boards on the market with the dual 1800W brushless motor that will go on for hours on any terrain. Also, you’ll still get a very smooth feel as it has a super-fast acceleration. Moreover, it uses the regenerative braking system to increase the mileage. It fits perfectly in your hand while having a USB port for charging and a Bluetooth remote control. Now

  • Coming with amazing looks and feels
  • Presenting a powerful 1800W dual motor
  • It has the only board with lithium-ion battery
  • Remote control with user-friendly operation
  • Faintly expensive
  • It has a weather seal, but not labeled as waterproof


These are the top 5 best ones that we’re talking about among the crowd. From the above list, you can get any remote control skateboard as all come with a lot of attractive features. If it helped you make up your final decision on which one to purchase then we’ll feel really happy and proud. And finally, we hope you have enjoyed reading the entire content. Happy Skateboarding! 

Top 5 Best Electric Longboard for an Amazing Cruising

Top 5 Best Electric Longboard for an Amazing Cruising

Are you looking to know about the best electric longboard for an amazing cruising? You’re at the right place and simply continue reading the entire content then you’ll get a good idea about it. For the people of all ages, longboarding is one of the well-loved activities. Although it’s a fun and exciting activity, you need to get yourself the best longboard to ensure that you will make the most out of it. This is because choosing the right size longboard can make a huge difference in the way you enjoy the game. Especially, the right choice can prevent you from tripping, stumbling, or biffing it if you’re a beginner.
Electric Longboard
best electric longboard

What is the Top 5 Best Electric Longboard?

There are electric longboards that are not only for the beginners but for the advanced and experienced users as well. As it’s essential to know how to choose a longboard, we’re going to provide you with the top 5 best electric longboards. With this extensive buyer’s guide, you can now easily find a reliable and affordable longboard. Well, let’s know about them below:

1. Ten Toes Board Emporium Zed Bamboo Longboard

Electric Longboard
best electric longboard

The Ten Toes Board Emporium Zed Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Cruiser is definitely a top pick if you’re searching for an affordable longboard. Indeed, this is one of the best under 100 from the Ten Toes Board brand. And its most prominent benefit is that it’s inexpensive. As this longboard can give you a perfect and smooth ride during a nice, sunny weather, you’ll also feel pleased to know that. Moreover, it’s a great longboard for cruising as well. This specific longboard is not flat, unlike other skateboards that you can find in the market. Now, let’s know the Pros and Cons of this electric longboard:

  • It’s inexpensive.
  • Best for the beginners and also for those who are planning to use it for cruising.
  • For the aluminum truck, it’s sturdy and robust.
  • It’s easy to ride and maneuver along with well-designed.
  • It has an adhesive control while having an 80AB grip tape.
  • It’s too flexible for their preference to some riders.

2. The Quest Super Cruiser Longboard

Electric Longboard
best electric longboard

The Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo Longboard ensures your greatest possible enjoyment. Specifically, this one also goes under the best under $100 longboard category. Based on a multiply-ply super-flex artisan bamboo, the board is constructed of this longboard that’s around 44 inches in length. The board construction also makes use of maple hardwood aside from bamboo. It’s possible for this longboard to really deliver an excellent performance with its 7-inch aluminum trucks and hollow 4-mm risers. Now, let’s know the Pros and Cons of the electric longboard:

  • Not only cheap longboard but perfect for those who are on a budget.
  • As there is a combination of bamboo and maple materials, it becomes lightweight.
  • With the built-in kicktail, it’s easy to maneuver and control.
  • It comes with an aesthetically pleasing design
  • Perfect for the diverse riding surfaces
  • Its bearings are not sturdy enough.
  • It could be much longer for some riders.

3. Playshion 39 Inch Drop Through Freestyle Longboard

Electric Longboard
best electric longboard

The 39-inch drop-through freestyle longboard from Playshion is definitely for you if you are shopping for the best freestyle longboards. Also, you can effectively use for commuting. Moreover, it’s sturdy enough while still maintaining a good amount of flex as it has a deck constructed out of an 8-ply hardwood maple. Because of it 7-inch aluminum reverse kingpin trucks, it promotes ease when it comes to sliding. While coming with SHR 78A 70-mm polyurethane wheels, it’s perfect for this board. Now, let’s know the Pros and Cons of this electric longboard:

  • It commodes various users and riders with up to 250-lb. weight limit.
  • Not only versatile but it also multifunctional.
  • Coming with aluminum reverse kingpin trucks that make it robust.
  • It’s easy to manage as well as a maneuver.
  • You can effortlessly carry it around as it’s lightweight.
  • The trucks are not rust-resistant as the wheels are quite squeaky.

4. MAGIC UNION 41 Inch Maple Drop Down

Electric Longboard
best electric longboard

Probably your most reliable option is the MAGIC UNION Maple Dropdown Longboard if you’re in search of the best dropdown longboard, which is around 41 inches in length. With specifically the 9-ply super flex maple known for its durability, it makes use of a high-quality material for its deck. It can accommodate users who are up to 330 lbs in weight because the deck is even sturdy and solid enough. As it has ABEC-11 chrome steel bearing, it ensures users that they will enjoy a smooth and quiet ride. Now, let’s know the Pros and Cons of this electric longboard:

  • Can handle weight up to 330 lbs
  • Coming as budget-friendly
  • Sturdy bearings guarantee a smooth and quiet ride
  • Coming with a PU shock-absorbent ring for cushion and comfort
  • Being multifunctional and versatile, it’s suitable for various applications
  • It requires upgrading on the trucks for better performance.

5. VOLADOR 42-Inch Freeride Longboard

Electric Longboard
best electric longboard

VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard will definitely give you ultimate satisfaction if you’re looking for the best freeride longboards. And during crucial conditions, it gives you control over your turns. As it comes with 70-mm wheels, it guarantees a luxurious and smooth ride, as well as an ultra-low rolling resistance. Due to its ABEC 9 bearings that promote a speedy and smooth ride, it is also capable of going fast when used at high velocities. Now, let’s know the Pros and Cons of this electric longboard:

  • Coming with maple wood longboard deck that made it highly sturdy and durable while retaining its lightness
  • Presenting swift and sharp turns with strong and flexible trunks
  • Being shock-absorbent, it’s highly stable
  • Coming in various colors, features, and nice design
  • If not properly taken care then it’s prone to breaking


It’s neither too challenging nor confusing while finding the best electric longboard. And, now, you can make your choice whether what you need is longboards or the traditional ones with this right guide. But, before you buy one of those, ensure that your chosen longboard has a great combination of quality and price. It means that it should fit your budget without compromising its quality. Aside from these, it’s crucial to check the durability and the ability of the longboard to handle various weights. 

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Best Off Road Electric Skateboard – Top 5 Actually Worth Buying

Best Off Road Electric Skateboard – Top 5 Actually Worth Buying

It looks like you’re looking for the best off-road electric skateboard. So, simply go through the entire content and it will help to select the best one that you’re exactly looking for. One of the most fun and exhilarating ways of experiencing rural parts of the world are the off-road skateboards. They also work great on all terrains according to their design. As you would on a dirt trail, you’ll get just as much enjoyment out of using one of these skateboards on the tarmac. That’s why some bright spark decided to attach an electric motor to an all-terrain board with this in mind.

Top 5 Best Off Road Electric Skateboard

It’s simply you need the best off-road skateboards if you intend to develop your skateboarding activity. But, keep in mind, all skateboards can’t guarantee your success as they are made with different features along with pros and cons. So, let’s know about top 5 off-road electric skateboards those are actually worth buying.

1. Boosted Dual+ 2000W Electric Skateboard

Boosted Dual +2000W Electric Skateboard is the perfect off-road electric skateboard that will always provide incredible fun every time you use whether you’re an expert or starter. As you develop your skateboarding skills having this outstanding skateboard, enjoy your leisure time with your friends. In addition, as you freely accelerate on any hill, it provides a new riding experience with the 2000 watts of power works to boost your skill to a new level. Also, since it comes with a reliable braking system, it brings you to an instant stop when coming down a mountain.


  • The braking system is perfect accelerating
  • Allowing a so smooth skateboard rides
  • Coming with highly portable


  • Almost nothing but a little bit costly

2. MBS All-Terrain Longboard

If you’re dreaming of becoming a champion in the skateboarding activity then MBS All-Terrain Longboard helps to bring your dream into reality. As the skateboard has 100mm by 65mm wheels, they are cast with 78A super high rebound urethane. It means that they help to provide a balance between speed and traction. The other attractive thing is that it comes fully assembled. So, you need to take stresses of assembling the product. Moreover, being sturdy helps to lower the center of gravity increasing stability along with a maple-lam Drop deck. On the other hand, as this quality skateboard has 9 ABEC bearings, they are rubber shielded. When you can use this skateboard that gets you over anything, why do you walk the dusty paths?


  • It rolls over anything with its large wheels
  • This is easy to accelerate
  • It’s much easier to maneuver


  • It doesn’t come with the best finish so it peels.

3. Atom All-Terrain Longboard

This is the time that you can add value to your leisure time. While using Atom All-Terrain Longboard, you can make it more enjoyable. This is because it’s one of the best skateboards on the market. Since it comes with large wheels, it ensures that the terrain does not limit you from enjoying along with this full-of-fun activity. Also, by decreasing the center of gravity, the skateboard is lowered to increase the stability. So, in order to develop your skateboarding activity, simply try using these promising skateboards.


  • Its large wheels allow comfort riding in all terrain. And without feeling anything, you can easily run over a bump!
  • This is the smoothest one among many others in the market.
  • It’s very sturdy


  • You’ll have to push more on this so as to attain the same speed when compared to some skateboards.

4. GT Powerboard: Black Anodized Aluminum Skateboard

If you don’t like to be bored during the leisure time then buy the GT Powerboard – Black Anodized Aluminum Skateboard, which will keep you busy. This skateboard is one of the fastest in the market with the ability to accelerate up to a speed of 23Mph in five seconds. Its aluminum deck is 45 inches Long, 11 inches Wide and 0.75 inch Drop. As a result, it brings you closer to the ground. Because it lowers the center of gravity increases stability, it’s essential in ensuring maximum safety so that you can enjoy the smooth ride. Besides, when the skateboard accelerates, the deck has raised ends to provide a place to brace. Aside from these, as it comes with an extra powerful braking system, it can bring you to an instant stop even when coming down a hill.


  • This is one of the fastest skateboards in the market
  • Coming with high quality and high durability


  • It’s heavier than many others in the market

5. AT (All Terrain) Aluminum Electric Skateboard

During your leisure time, keep smiling whether you’re alone or with your friends. This is why that the Aluminum All-Terrain Electric Skateboard provides you with every reason to smile. This skateboard has the highest speed to have ever been offered to the public while coming with a powerful motor. It requires only 5 seconds getting 24 mph acceleration. Moreover, its tires are large pneumatic, you can run over both smooth and rougher surfaces with great ease and smoothly. As it comes with the aluminum deck, it ensures a smoother and safer ride.


  • It’s the fastest one among others in the market
  • Really well-built skateboard for this time
  • Its one of the high-quality skateboards


  • Nothing but it’s a bit expensive

Final Thought

These are all about the best off road electric skateboard. In many parts of the world, it has a huge popularity of the skateboarding as one of the most adored outdoor sporting activities. Although it’s great for both genders, it’s ideal for young people. But, don’t forget that this game has turned out to be a killer just because the motor exploded. So, just follow the correct steps while riding it and that will keep you safe. And finally, we’re confident that the skateboards in our review will deliver an exemplary great performance on every terrain you try out while keeping all factors and features constantly. These are not only verified to be safe but they also offer a long-lasting performance.

Happy Skateboarding!