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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Best Remote Control Skateboard

Top 5 Best Remote Control Skateboard Review of 2018

Best Remote Control Skateboard

Today we’re going to review remote control skateboard, which is another dramatic change in technology in the field of skateboards and longboards. It’s technology, which is made, implements and then pushed towards excellence. This is the way that the big electric motors with a terrible sound you remember have become pretty small. Not only small but it gets enough small to fit inside your skateboard, powered with a battery and turning it into an electric skateboard. Depending on the direction the rider wants the board to go while learning either forwards or backward. In this case, if you shift your weight towards one end more then the faster the board will go.

What is the Top 5 Best Remote Control Skateboard Review of 2018?

As we have piled up spending times of research, we believe they’ll give you the best experience of this game. Although it takes some learning to get comfortable with this system, at least you don’t have a remote control to think about. Well, let’s know about top 5 best remote control skateboard review of 2018.

1. Acton Blink S2

Acton Blink S2

Probably, the best electric skateboard of the year is the Acton Blink S2. As it comes with a powerful battery pack, it gives you a prolonged backup, and the board uses a handheld remote that gives you all the control at your fingertips. You couldn’t get any better than this when it comes to design. For its polygon-shaped with a futuristic look and a black grip tape across the top of the board, right in the center, which improves your stability, it looks attractive at the very first glance. Also, it instantly impresses its users using a Samsung Lithium-ion battery that fully recharges in less than 45-minutes because the machinery of a board defines its quality regarding speed and mileage.

  • With a speed of up to 15 mph, its mileage of up to 14 miles on a single charge
  • for a comfortable night ride, it comes with built-in safety lights
  • Coming with a limited warranty of six months
  • Bluetooth remote control
  • Despite being the hardware is safely capsulated, it isn’t water resistant yet

2. Boosted Dual+

Boosted Dual+

This is the Boosted Dual+, which is one of the fastest electric skateboards available on the market. Moreover, it’s an excellent quality and long lifespan skateboard that comes with remote control. Its main focus is a top speed which is unbeatable, but the board offers you maximum features. In addition, it’s mediocre as the mileage of the board is slightly less, which is 7 miles in the ECO mode and 6 miles in expert mode. Since its mighty 2000W motor, it can easily climb steep hills and give you a smooth ride on the toughest terrains. Now, let’s know some pros and cons of this remote control skateboard:

  • with a powerful 2000w motor, it’s a brilliant skateboard
  • It’s for perfect maneuverability with an ideal length, width, and weight
  • Regenerative braking and 25% grade hill climb with 22 mph top speed,
  • Coming with warranty coverage
  • Bluetooth remote control
  • Average mileage

3. Inboard M1

Inboard M1

When compared to other skateboards on the market, the M1 may have many similarities regarding design. Moreover, it still stands out regarding performance, quality, speed, and mileage. While reaching up to 19mph in less time and maximum stability, it’s the King of speed because its secret is in the wheels. It comes with two hub motors that are built into the rear wheels, unlike most of the boards, using belt-drive or a gear system. It makes the board more responsive to the remote control gestures since the configuration has been smartly mapped. Thanks to the battery system that they can be easily swapped where other models usually have a fixed rechargeable battery.

  • Coming with 12 months of warranty for any manufacturing defects
  • Ranging of up to 7 miles and can speed as much as 22 mph
  • Providing 100% safe and controlled riding
  • Offering four modes with Pro remote control
  • Somewhat expensive
  • A reduced amount of mileage

4. Acton Blink S

Acton Blink S

It’s Acton Blink S that’s talked widely. Although it isn’t too long, it has a very attractive design which will catch your attention instantly. The thing that comes at first that you’ll love it’s the top of the box, which is nice and the company is also thinking about your safety. Also, there was a lot of hype created when it first arrived in the market. This is because thousands of people loved it for its great features and outstanding performance on the streets. As it comes with a backpack for storing, you can board on the subways or bus. It’s made out of the finest quality material and offers you an incredible stability is its 83mm super huge wheels. Now, let’s know some pros and cons of this remote control skateboard:

  • Riding up to 7 miles on a single charge
  • For better visibility and safety at night, built-in safety lights
  • Limited warranty of six months
  • Remote control operates by Bluetooth
  • Easily Portable
  • The absence of the gradual braking system

5. Atom B.36 Longboard

Atom B.36 Longboard

The 3600W powerful motor that gives you maximum speed on the go is the most impressive feature in Atom B.36. It gives you a mileage of up to 20Km which is far better than many other boards on the market with the dual 1800W brushless motor that will go on for hours on any terrain. Also, you’ll still get a very smooth feel as it has a super-fast acceleration. Moreover, it uses the regenerative braking system to increase the mileage. It fits perfectly in your hand while having a USB port for charging and a Bluetooth remote control. Now

  • Coming with amazing looks and feels
  • Presenting a powerful 1800W dual motor
  • It has the only board with lithium-ion battery
  • Remote control with user-friendly operation
  • Faintly expensive
  • It has a weather seal, but not labeled as waterproof


These are the top 5 best ones that we’re talking about among the crowd. From the above list, you can get any remote control skateboard as all come with a lot of attractive features. If it helped you make up your final decision on which one to purchase then we’ll feel really happy and proud. And finally, we hope you have enjoyed reading the entire content. Happy Skateboarding! 


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